Anti Aging Health Planning

Have you ever noticed that some people look younger than others who are the same age? It all comes down to your biological age which is affected by DNA and lifestyle. At Peak Human MD we can reduce your biological age using the latest in integrative, functional medicine, biohacking technology, and a physician customized health plan.  

Whether you are aging and have a desire to turn back the clock 10 years or are in your late 20’s or mid 30’s and want to remain in prime shape, our specially formulated peptides and regenerative therapies can help you reach and maintain your peak condition.

Despite our best efforts, diet and exercise alone is often not enough. In many cases your hormones are working against you. Hormone imbalances can cause fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, problems with sexual function and a whole host of other symptoms that can be helped by innovative new treatments in this area. Our health plans also take into consideration your rate of aging as affected by lifestyle (smoking, exercise, diet, stress etc.). We’ll work with you to develop a plan to prevent the onset of age-related disease and debilitating chronic illnesses.

“Self-help books, diets and willpower are not enough. You can keep spending on all the wrong things. However, if your foundation to a healthy life is unbalanced, you are simply building your house of health on quicksand.”

– Dr. Mark Godley

The Peak Human MD Advantage

Peptides are small proteins made of amino acids. They play a major role in how your body functions; if the body isn’t producing enough peptides or essential amino acids, it will not perform at an optimal level. SARMs is the acronym for selective androgen receptor modulators. These proteins work on the same receptors as the naturally occurring testosterone in your body.

You don’t need a prescription for peptides or SARMS, however physician guidance is invaluable in order to take full advantage of the benefits that peptides and SARMS can provide. With the expertise of our medical doctors we can ensure that you have a precise path to a successful anti aging plan.

Every health plan is personally created for each individual, some examples are:

  • Fat Loss only
  • Muscle Tone + Fat Loss
  • Muscle Mass + Fat Loss
  • Lean Mass + Fat Loss
  • Increased Libido

Book a specialized appointment in Vancouver or Whistler and fix the foundation of your health before you turn to another self-help book or to the “Diet of the Day”.

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